Does it work to make a collapse thing here with markdown?

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Yes! It works!


Got the chance to test a Chromebook for a couple of weeks. My office wants me to give it a hard time and then come back with an honest review. One thing I like is the speed. One thing I don’t like is the keyboard, it has a plastic feeling.

And one of the programs I am using now and then, Newspilot, hasn’t got a web app so I have to work around that, read let someone else do that stuff for me.

Hello everyone on Blot blog, I need some help

Hello fellow Blot bloggers, I need some help with a technical issue. I have a Blot blog where I write only in Swedish. It’s very easy to publish a note (plain text with markdown) from the Dropbox app on Iphone but how do I do the same on desktop? I can’t find an easy way of writing a post in .txt and save it in the right folder on Dropbox. How do you do it?

It's been a while, been busy busy busy

During times like this when I have a lot of work my writing here goes down. I have to adjust that. Daily journaling isn’t necessary in any way at all, but I like doing it. It’s like having a pause from the working mode. Today’s been filled with meetings, both digital and physical. Interesting and tiring. 
Now awaits a visit at the grocery store. 


We had tacos.


Had to work for an hour after dinner. Look through some applications. We’re hiring. It’s not easy!