My 13 yo son is hard to entertain, he doesn't like much. Today was different because of this...

We got a 18 yo and twins five years younger. One girl and one boy. They’re like water and fire, not alike. She’s into being outside, making stuff, easily bored. He’s the other way around. He’s never bored as long he got his phone and an internet connection. But sometimes you need to get outside and do something else. When it’s Saturday I as a father like to do hang out with my kids and do something together. My wife toook our daughter out for some shopping today so I had to figure something out for me and our youngest son. I know he’s always talking about horror movies, how he’s been watching some together with friends (and sometimes alone). I know, he shouldn’t be doing that, but he’s a smart kid and he is handling it well. He’s never been having any problems sleeping. So, today I asked him if he wanted to go to the movies together with his father to see the horror pic Smile. He was a bit surprised that I asked but said he really wanted to go see it. And what a great time we had! We took the train to the city centre, had lunch at a food court and we talked about this and that. After the movie, which we both enjoyed, we talked even more. I think I’ll claim this as my father and son thing to do once in a while. I’ve never been into horror movies, but if that’s what I have to do to have some hang out time together with my son, it’s worth it. You got to adapt.

Wish you all a great weekend.

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