Stockholm right now 😘

I like these cold light morning sa when I’m biking to work. Isn’t it beautiful.

This morning was crispy enough.

E-type and a three-course meal

Had a nice visit at some friends, they served us a three-course meal. We talked about this and that and played with their dog, a cockepoo named Winston. We drove home trough the cold and dark listening to a radio documentary about the music genre eurodisco and our swedish producer E-Type.

I like knowing what (local) time it is for all you fellow microbloggers around the world. Wouldn’t that be a cool feature @manton? A small note at the bottom of every post in the timeline showing the +/- hours compared to the timezone of the account holder.

Walked around Södermalm yesterday. Our part of the city is really beautiful during this time of the year. The snow doesn’t make it worse.

This old Xperia would be enough

Scribbling this on an old Sony Xperia phone I found in a box in the bookshelf. The keyboard is very fast, no other phone I’ve been using has been this fast for writing. I use the swipe function now accessible on iPhone as well but I don’t know why this feels faster. Maybe it’s my expectations that are lower for this old phone. It’s crazy how many new devices we buy every year. I could easily manage with this Xperia Z2. But I wanted to go back to iPhone and bought an iPhone 8 and thereafter an iPhone 12. Not necessary, just for fun. That’s a sort of consumption that has to end. But when you really get your eyes on something you tell yourself that you need or deserve, it’s hard to resist.

no sudden move

The twins having a friend staying over. I’ve been relaxing in front of the tv with my wife and all is good. Watched the end of the movie No sudden move. Liked it. Slow. Well played. Benicio del Toro is in it. And Don Cheadle. Among others.

What a week, and the next one will be as hard. But first: weekend.

My best tip as a family man: make Thursday night your time for cleaning the house. That makes Friday night even better – and you don’t have to wake up Saturday thinking about cleaning the house.

Woke up to winter in Stockholm. 943DB10E-FC6F-4F91-BC50-5115354CD64C.jpg

Mentally preparing for a talk I need to have with one of my coworkers tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it, but if it lands good the outcome will be good.

Had to do some late work, don’t tell anyone I did it in front of the tv.

Went for an early morning run. Ran to the mechanic to pick up the car. Had to change tires, it’s winter now.

My oldest preparing for a party. With 80’s theme. 01D128B1-315A-4019-8855-53F6D64C32E8.jpg

Watching Jul med Ernst. Can’t describe how much I like this show.

Watching Grand designs with the grand Mark Isitt.

Name one cheap thing you’re grateful you really like.

I’ll start.

Tapwater in a glass full of ice cubes.

Number of people crying at work today: one. That’s bad enough.

The dreams I have now, they’re weird in a new type of way.

I’ve been staying up to late. Tomorrow morning will be horrible. And there’s some bad things happening in the southern part of Stockholm tonight that we have to cover tomorrow. Another murder. A man being shot to death in the street of Huddinge.

Kollade in NK:s julskyltning @ NK in Stockholm. Noterade att padelbanor tagit plats på taket till vänster.

give me you best tips 📚

I am currently reading Jan Carlzon’s book “Tear down the pyramids”, a classic when it comes to leadership literature. Now I’m think I might read a lot more in that genre in the upcoming year. Maybe there’s is some truths to find in all these leadership books after all. Do you have any tips? Please tell me.

Rekommenderar en titt på detta

Jag måste säga att varje gång jag ägnar Write.as lite tid, eller kanske framförallt read.write.as lite tid så hittar jag alltid intressanta bloggare som jag aldrig annars hade upptäckt. Det finns en väldig massa därute på internet som kräver att man letar lite på andra ställen än de vanliga för upptäckas. Det är likadant på Micro.blog men det finns mer personal journals på Write.as är min bild. Dock, Micro.blog har något minst lika intressant och givande. 🇸🇪

The first Sunday of advent, the day you lit the first of the four candles. Christmas is getting here fast. 😓

Läser Jan Carlzon ”Riv pyramiderna”.