Does it work to make a collapse thing here with markdown?

Click here if you want the answer

Yes! It works!

Had to sign back in to Write.as. They’ve got a discount going.

Is anyone using Tumblr around here? I haven’t been using it for years but just signed up to it again just because I wanted to have a new look at it. The crossposting to Micro.blog is seems flawless.

I did it, I went to the gym before work!

Time to sleep.

The camera on the Chromebook isn’t the best.

Or maybe it’s the motive that fails…

No gym but I don’t blame the alarm clock

This morning I really tried to get up and away to the gym before work. Instead I almost overslept. Tomorrow I’ll succeed.


Got the chance to test a Chromebook for a couple of weeks. My office wants me to give it a hard time and then come back with an honest review. One thing I like is the speed. One thing I don’t like is the keyboard, it has a plastic feeling.

And one of the programs I am using now and then, Newspilot, hasn’t got a web app so I have to work around that, read let someone else do that stuff for me.

We got a thin layer of snow today. Will it stay? I doubt it.

Sunny Sundays are the best. At this time of the year, three years ago, I visited New York City for the first and only time of my life. I remember the weather being exactly like it is in Stockholm today. Dry, cold and sunny.

Started watching Gomorra on HBO. Can’t believe I haven’t seen it before. What a fantastic show. High class drama.

I have one of those periods when I don’t listen to music. I think I might feel better if I did but no music feels right.

Didn’t want this to end

Read it as soon it’s translated to English. But start with book number one: Nattavaara. The trilogy is about Sweden in the future, after a collapse of society as we know it.

Beautiful landscape @hjertnes Hjertnes’ blog


At this crossroad a lot of Swedes met to get on a horse wagon for the first part of the move to America during the period between 1840 and 1920. We went there today. It’s called Åkerby vägskäl.

Waking up with the Copenhagen airport outside my window. Today I’ll catch a train back to Sweden where I’ll meet my family. Tonight we’re throwing a party for my mother in law who’s turning 75 years old.

Spent 24 hours in Oxford, England. Would have liked to stay for longer. A beautiful place.

Borders are geopolitics too it’s core. There is reasonable causes for having tough border controls, but still, when I think on the idea of borders dividing the earth it gives me mixed feelings.

Waiting for pizza. Had a looong day at work so no energy for cooking. What are you eating?

Hello everyone on Blot blog, I need some help

Hello fellow Blot bloggers, I need some help with a technical issue. I have a Blot blog where I write only in Swedish. It’s very easy to publish a note (plain text with markdown) from the Dropbox app on Iphone but how do I do the same on desktop? I can’t find an easy way of writing a post in .txt and save it in the right folder on Dropbox. How do you do it?

MarsEdit again

I didn’t notice MarsEdit 4 was gone. Had to re-download it. Don’t use it much but I wanted to try it agan. 

It worked just fine. 

Is it possible to send this post do Dropbox and also publish it on Blot?

No I guess not.

Not very friendly sticker

Sankt Paulsgatan sista oktober. Tar en kaffe i skymningen. Känner nedstämdhet på ett sätt jag minns från studietiden i Göteborg.

Hade a great night out with three twelve year olds yesterday. Halloween special at the amusement park Gröna Lund. Their enthusiasm was genuinely inspiring. I remember that feeling from being twelve myself and all that existed in the moment was the next ride.