Tre av fem, not bad.

This completely blank page I like

I didn’t have plan, but it worked out alright.

Just white, waiting to be filled with so called content. It’s easy to make jokes about that word, but still, content is content. It can be bad and it can be good.

At this hour of the day I’m in contemplating mode. I think about the day and the next to come. About my life and what to come. Am I happy enough? Do I have what I need to feel like a fully living person in this complex world?

I listened to a Swedish podcast where they were talking about kids gradutating from school. One of mine graduated the other day and what is happening now? Is he going to find a job? Will he show adulthood? Will he understand he has to make progress by himself? Set up his own plan?

I hope so. I think he will eventually. But still, there's a tiny bit of worry that he won't. 

I guess I'm not alone in this. 

Time will tell.

I didn’t have plan, but it worked out alright.

I try to rest in that thought.

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