Tre av fem, not bad.

📚 Finished reading: Hyper by Agri Ismaïl

This is a warm recommendation. A novel by Swedish Agri Ismaïl, released in Swedish and English at the same time (he’s written them both, no translation) is the story of a family fractured by migration, set against the backdrop of the 2008 financial crisis. The Kurdish family escape från Teheran to London and the family we’re following the family members different ways to find their new places in the world. Capitalism is a theme, identity another. The dad is one of the founders of the Kurdish communist party, two of the sons are getting involved in the hardcore finance business (but in different ways). The prose is copious, full of details and you’re taken to places like Selmani, Dubai, Sutton, Paris and New York. It’s been called an exceptional debut.

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