My trip to Iceland – ten take aways and some pics

• The landscape is beautiful and driving around is a great way of experiencing the countryside. If renting a car it’s a good idea not making it too small. Most roads are good, but here and there you find tougher gravel ones.

• Bring a bathing suit. There’s a lot of places where you can take a geothermal bath. We skipped The Blue Lagoon but found a much smaller and far less crowded place.

• Everything is pricey.

• There’s a lot of craft beer but I must say the ones we tried (and we tried quite many) where a bit of a disappointment. They seem to like their beer unfiltered and light in the taste, even the IPA’s.

• Driving the golden circle was nice. A three hour drive close to Reykjavík where a lot of beautiful places along the road. For example the big national park Þingvellir.

• Reykjavík is small. There’s a lot of nice bars and restaurants and if you want to stay out late this is the place. I would rather spend more time outside of Reykjavík if I’m coming back another time. I think the public bath is good but we never tried it.

• The architecture was more rough and concrete based than I thought it would be.

• Based on our four days long trip: the service is superb and the people friendly.

• There’s a lot of tourists and waterfalls.

• We didn’t see any wild animals except for birds. But there’s a lot of horses.