Midsommar is the best

The weather couldn’t have been better. The midsommarafton was as good midsommarafton gets. The traditional way of celebration contains dancing around the midsommarstång, pickled herring, boiled potatoes served with fresh dill and snaps. But you don’t have to do that. The most important thing is that you get together with some friends or family and have a good time, outside if possible. We visited a traditional celebration at a place called Julita Gård, an old and beautiful mansion with a great park that is an outdoor museum.

Afterwards we went to a friends house for some barbecue, drinks and a swim in the lake. Good times. Good talks.

The day after (midsommarafton) Midsummer Night’s Eve is Midsummer’s Day (midsommardagen), usually a very lazy day filled with coffee and conversations, boat trips and hanging out in the grass. I had to start it with an hour and a half of biking in the blazing sun. I had to collect the car which we parked at our friends house. In Sweden it’s illegal to have even the smallest glass of wine and then drive back home. But I enjoyed the work out. I brought a cold soft drink I gave myself after half the distance.

The rest of the day was lazy though. We brought lunch to the beach and I swam for a bit and then kept on reading Devil House by John Darnielle.

Andreas Jennische @ndreas