What Micro.Blog does for you

Listened to the episode of Micro Monday with @jasraj. He and @jean talks about Micro.Blog and how this community differs from the one of Twitter and how M.B can continue to grow. It got me thinking. Jean says maybe she and the team behind it could be even better on explaining what M.B does for you as a user. I think that is a great idea. I have just recently understood that Jean does the cleaning and curating of the timeline manually. That there actually is a lot of spam trying to get into our timelines. Maybe it’s a bit hard to find people on Micro.Blog (or the service itself) but it’s totally worth it when what you get is a spam and ad free timeline filled with creativity from people around the world you wouldn’t have got in contact with without Micro.Blog. My suggestion to Jean and Manton is to write a blog post with the title This is what Micro.Blog does for you.

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