In return I get to eat her fabulous cookies

Tuesday went by. I put out some fires at work (is that an expression in English?) and as soon one was down I had to deal with another one. But maybe we’re on to something better, a small step at a time. We did some good stuff today I have a feeling those days are going to increase. The goal is to have fun at work. If you can’t enjoy your day job you ought to find another one. Otherwise your soul will dry out and you get miserable. 

I feel pretty good about myself today. I didn’t sleep well and had a lot to do all day but I never felt too stressed. My wife and I cooked dinner together and all three kids liked the food. Tomorrow is their first day at school after two months of summer vacation. They’re a bit nervous even if they have nothing to worry about. 

This weekend (I am looking forward to it), I am going to my Gunsan (my mother in law) to help her in the garden. I’ll cut the hedge, clean the gutters and maybe cut some trees. It feels good to help her. She’s living by her own in a house she and my wife Helene’s dad built together in the seventies. My father in law passed away long before I met Helene so Gunsan has a lot take care of by herself. She’s getting older and I don’t want her to climb ladders or do other heavy chores. Usually the whole family goes for a visit but it’s a long drive so this time I’ll do it by myself. That means I can go all in for helping her. In return I get to eat her fabulous cookies and home cooked food. Maybe I’ll drink a beer or two as well. 

Andreas Jennische @ndreas