Micro Camp, inspiring and encouraging

Thank you for Micro Camp @manton @jean and all other creators involved. I have listened to some it afterwards and I liked the Q&A about the future of Micro.blog a lot. I like the idea of getting more out of the timeline through curating in different ways. For me one of the most fun things with M.B is that the community is spread all over the world. At first I felt lonely here, I can’t name one person I’ve met in real life who’s on M.B (or even heard about it). But that’s in Sweden where I live. As soon as I accepted that the main part of my writing on M.B has to be in English I fell in love with this blogging platform and community. I’ll write some in Swedish as well but that’s more for the online blog than for the timeline. But who knows, as time goes on ans M.B continues to grow (slow but steady), one day there might be a bigger variation of languages in the timeline. On the other hand, the upside of almost all posts being in English is that most users can understand each other at all times.

Andreas Jennische @ndreas