Woke up with headache and a bit nauseous. Tried to get back to sleep but it wouldn’t fit. Got outside for a walk along the grassy gravel roads around our cottage. The summer has peaked now, but all fields are not being harvested yet. The rye and barley still standing, the wheats gone weeks ago. I think about the last week at work. It’s been tough. We’ve had two severe shootings in Sweden, three people injured in Kristianstad and one teenager dead in Linköping and one badly injured. I’m so glad I have very professional and more experienced people around me, still I’m one of the news editor responsible for getting it all right. It’s challenging. I’ve never done it in a scale like this before. The past week, when I’ve been working physically at work, it’s actually been fun.

This was a Saturday morning post written while walking. Now I’m going to drink this headache away with coffee ☕️ and maybe a painkiller.

How’s your day?