Tre av fem, not bad.

Being back in the city, what a stress!

I went out for a quick run earlier tonight and it struck me I was surrounded by noise. Noise from cars, bicycles, people talking on the phone, boats in the canal and music from bars and speakers brought to picnics. I noticed my pulse elevated in a way it hasn’t for weeks. It’s a completely different thing to run on empty gravel roads along fields of wheat and barley compared to walkways in the city.

If I react this way in July, when a lot of people get away for vacation elsewhere, how is it going to be in September? The last four weeks that I spent with my family in our beloved little cottage has really gotten to me – like it does every summer.


After reading Maiques great post about his vacation trip to the Algarve, I feel I should do the same. I have a bunch of photos and some small stories to tell from the last month. The summer in Sweden has been exceptional this far. It’s actually been too hot and sunny. Even if it’s enjoyable in several different ways it’s also scary. In the same time the weather made us spend almost every day and night outside the house. And that is something I really like. That makes me feel more alive.

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