Jumping off cliffs, fire grilling, birthday

We’ve been having different guests here for pretty much three weeks straight. I feel a bit tired even though it’s been fun. Yesterday we celebrated my wife Helene’s birthday and got some friends over for dinner. The teenage gang went home during the afternoon so we were only three adults and four kids at the table. A small gathering compared to the eleven people dinners we’ve been having the last week.

We had a good time. Per did some hardcore fire grilling that we all complemented him for (in a sarcastic way), in our household we’re all terrible at grilling but we do it all the time. Failing is a part of the fun. Per did good. And the food was more than edible.

Everyone was hungry after spending the afternoon down by the lake, playing around with the SUP board and jumping off cliffs. I did one jump, from the highest spot. It’s getting harder to come over my fear the older I get. Young friend David did several jumps from another good spot. We had fun.



For my wife Helene I got a Remarkable 2 tablet and an apple tree as birthday gifts. She liked them both very much. Today we’re going to plant the tree. Otherwise chill mode. No guests! Well, that’s not true. My parents well get by and say hello to Helene (and maybe bring a cake).