"It was fun!"

I went to the store and bought the goddamn SUP board. But it was worth every penny. My daughter just loved it, my wife and me as well. Our son will give it a go tomorrow, he’s not as keen on the physical stuff as his sister. Down at the beach I met an old friend, Martin, and his lovely wife Liza and their three kids. We had a little chat before they had to go home. The sun was blazing in the evening. What a summer it is this year.


When writing this Italy has won the European Championship in football. I can’t refuse to feel sad for England and their young players who missed their penalty shots. But big congratulations to Italy!


Tomorrow is a day without other plans than hanging out down by the lake, maybe I’ll go for a run in the morning, maybe I won’t. The headache is back.

Andreas Jennische @ndreas