Stand up paddle board

I think I’ll have to get to a store an hour drive away from here to buy a stand up paddle board. That’s the big thing here in Sweden this summer. My wife ordered one but it never shows up and if it does we’ll have up return it. It’s no point with having a such a summer item delivered when we all leave this place for schools and work again. So, I think I have to fix this. I’m not very keen on doing it but I know there’ll be no peace of mind until it’s done. I’m not that interested in the SUP thing but I know the kids are. And if, when, we finally have one I know I’ll use it and say “it’s quite fun actually”. You see where I’m going? I’m trying to negotiate this with myself. I don’t feel like spending the day (a lovely sunny day) in a car driving to a ugly looking mall centre in another town to buy this rather expensive thing I never asked for. But I’m the dad. And my wife’s the mother. And if we like buying any kinds of things for our children it’s the kinds of things that make them wanna play outside. A SUP board is that kind of thing. Wish me luck.

Andreas Jennische @ndreas