Tre av fem, not bad.

My plan for all my blogs in brief points

I have now a plan for all my blogs. It won’t last forever but for a while:

• Micro.blog, no changes accept from the name of my domain. Now it’s DigitalMaximalist.com (thank you @timeaffluent). Mostly in english, mostly short, frequently updated. I reply all mentions!

andreasjennische.se, no changes. Always in swedish, mostly longer posts about media, journalism or Stockholm.

Write.as, new here is that I from now on will do the ”hundred days in a row” challenge, in english. Read number one here. The inspiration comes from @maique and the daily Write.as-blogger TMO. That’s a frequent blogger!

Bearblog.dev, new here is that I will switch into swedish for a while and my annual #torplife blogging, where I tell short stories from my family life during summer days in the country side of Sweden.

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