Being a dad

Being a dad is the best and the worst. You’re given unconditional love, but you’re also given the feeling of shortage, of not being good enough. I have a 16 year old stepson and 10 year old twins in my life. All three are unique individuals (no surprise, aren’t we all) but as a parent you have to remind yourself of that now and then. It would be easier for me and my wife if they were all pretty much the same when it comes to interests and needs, but also boring.

Myself, my wife and our twins left Stockholm earlier today to go to our small summer house in the countryside. My youngest son, one of the twins, didn’t want to go this time. He wanted to stay home with his videogames. His older brother, the 16 year old, didn’t want to go either. We (me and my wife) let the oldest stay home for another day. He’ll catch a train tomorrow. The youngest had to go with us. He is now very disappointed. He thinks we’re doing him great unjustice. Well, his not old enough to stay home on his own. That’s nothing but classic parenting. It does leave me with a bad feeling though.

Andreas Jennische @ndreas