This will be my purpose

I love blogging and have been doing it on for some years now. I’ve never had many readers, my blogging being some kind of diary writing and not many people are in to blogs anymore. But I like it for several reasons. I like to own my content and to know it will be shown as I like it be shown. Most of all it’s fun.

I also have been a hard user of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. (At the moment I’m actually having a pause from all of the three mentioned because I want to see how my Iphone addiction will be affected. I’ll probably be using it as much as before but hopefully in a more creative way than dead eyed scrolling. I’ll get back to that in another blog post). Well, my point being here is that I have a problem stickning to one account. I have a old blog hosted my Blogger (that was from before, when I didn’t care as much about owning my content), another one over at Posthaven, a third at and this one at Do I need this many blogs? No I don’t. I would be much easier to stick to just one. But I can’t stop myself from trying new cool blog services I happen to stumble upon. Last summer I read something about and really fell for the ambition and the friendly community that comes with it. After I while I stopped using though because I don’t like the actually writing tool. I know I could write wherever and paste it in the editor later but I tend to write and post immediately. But now it’s possible to write a piece on the great Ia Writer and post it to! You pulled me back in @manton.

That leaves me stuck with the problem of having to many blogs. Posthaven (made by people from Posterous that Twitter bought and killed) I like because of the simplicity and their promise of being there forever. It’s on Posthaven you find my home adress on internet as I call it and my custom domain bares my name. I write there now and then, always in swedish, and often about my work as a journalist or personal reflections. is a very simple blog service but impossible not to love. It has the best editor and all is very easy to handle on a phone. My domain on is called, even though I use it for a diary. And then we’re here on hosted by How am I going to handle all my blogs? Will I have to stop using one or two of them? Does the stacking require a more divided type of content, one single purpose for every blog? How are you all doing? Are you sticking to one?

I think I might keep on doing the for a while now, after all. But all my writing here is going to be in english. The community connected to isn’t much to have if you’re doing it all in swedish or some other language. Maybe this will be a purpose good as any.

Andreas Jennische @ndreas