Working from home accompanied by the kids – not a great combo

Today started as normal as it gets these corona days, the twins went to school and I sat down with my improvised home office. A while later both of them were home again. Their teacher sent them home after they had been caught coughing a couple of times. I have no reasen to question her judgement. But working home is a complete different thing when the children also are at home. I’m lucky they are ten years old. I have some collegues that are forced to work from home when they also have to take care of two and three year olds. I am not jealous.

I guess we all have to try a little bit extra to get all things going for the next couple of weeks. Corona is not gonna be here forever. And I am allowed to get ouside. Stockholm i still open. At least parts of it.

How has you corona thursday been?

Andreas Jennische @ndreas