I am not a gamer. In fact, games haven’t interested me at all since the tape days of the Commodore 64. But that just changed. The last couple of days I’ve been obsessed with the Pokémon Go app. Our three kids rediscovered it, almost by accident, and the updates made since the big Pokémon Go launch in 2016 has turned the kids as well as both me and my wife into fans of the game. It’s physical and social and forces you to interact with other people IRL. Me who love to run find extra motivation in the egg hatching and today me and my ten year old son (anti-bike, anti-run) went out for a long bike trip just to get to a couple if pokestops and gyms. Where staying in our small summer house in the swedish countryside right now and I thing the Pokémon Go is perfect out here. You really have to walk a good bit before you find something interesting in the app. Last night we went out for a walk, me, my wife Helene and our three kids. We have ten year old twins (son and daughter) and a son who is fifteen. They seldon share interests but this time they all had great fun together for good period of time. Fantastic. I doubt it will last for long. I am happy it’s here at all.