When internet and social media is as it should be

June 12, 2020 ☼ Micro.blogGamla inlägg från Write.as

I have been off Facebook and Instagram for a while now. I am not going to delete either of the two but I’m interested in how my abscence will affect me. One effect is that I have started to use other services instead. I re-signed up for Micro.blog and Write.as and put some more time into blogging. I also started to post in english, doing Micro.blog in swedish just isn’t fun. Because of that I have been having conversations with complete strangers, nice conversations about this and that. One person I found this way is a Maique. We share the interest of blogging and alternatives to the big tech giants. I have now convinced him to try out Write.as!

Check out his new blog here.

I had a give away for pro subscription and I gladly handled it over to him.

In general people are unaware of this great service for super simple blogging and that counts for Micro.blog users as well, even though there are some similarities between the two services. When Write.as is completed with comments Remark.as it will be even better I think.

The one thing I like the most with Write.as is that there’s nothing you have to learn before you can use it. It’s very old school and press play on tape”. Open a tab in your browser and write (anonymous if you like) and press publish.