That link made me glad

September 20, 2020 ☼ Gamla inlägg från

Since I first found out about w.a I have been reading tmo.. He’s the most frequent blogger of all and for that he deserves respekt (sorry got that in swedish). Tmo is very much into simplicity and so am I. Yesterday I wrote I’m not going to make the 100daystooffload challenge and that immediately gave me back my inspiration. I will keep this blog in English and I’m going to write whenever I want to, about whatever I want. Books might be a subject I’ll return to. Right now I am reading two novels at the same time: Maja Lundgren Myggor och tigrar” and Klas Östergren Renegater”. None of those titles are available in English unfortunately. The latter might be interesting for an international audience, it’s a novel based on the true story about the author’s exit from the committee of the Nobel prize in literature.