Saturday morning, everyone else is asleep, Tony Hsiah is dead

November 28, 2020 ☼ Gamla inlägg från

I just can’t sleep any more. I woke up an hour ago, way too early to be a Saturday, but I’m not going to try to get back to sleep anymore. I’ve been scrolling my Twitter feed. Learned about Tony Hsiah. He just passed away I read. I had never heard about him before but apparently he was a big shot in the American business environment. He started Zappos, got rich, sold it to Amazon and got even richer. But the thing that got me reading several articles was the fact that he seemed a nice guy, a genuinely nice and caring person. He was involved with a project who’s goal was to make downtown Las Vegas a place for walking, cafes and small businesses and from what I learned he invested loads of money in that project. He passed just 46 years old. Haven’t found any descriptions about the cause of death.

I’m still in bed and me wife is laying next to me. She’s snoring. Maybe I’ll have to get up, put on some coffee. Maybe I should go for a walk.