@maique The majority is still supporting the no-lockdown but the strategy is criticized. There is a debate going on where scientists and epidemiologists are questioning the way Sweden’s leaders have chosen. The health department and our state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell are supporting the strategy (flatten the curve through social distancing) and is repeting it’s to early to make any conclusions. Different countries has different challenges and the actual death toll (in other countries) are still to be awaited, they use to say. Personally I think the strategy has been good for most people. The smaller kids have been going to school all along and we have been able to move outside. But it is a big failure when it comes to protecting our elderly elderly in nursing homes. The majority of our deaths have happened there, due to lackning hygiene routines and/or too many different people working with each person. The political debate I hope for is the one concerning the elder care. It will come.