Rain all day, made a bench

July 5, 2020 ☼ torplifeGamla inlägg från Write.as

When it’s raining I like to spend time in the carpenter workshop that I’ve put together in the barn. Today it’s been raining all day so I had time to made a new bench for the small porch. I was doing handicraft listening to podcasts. I enjoyed myself. I tried to at least. I am feeling very tired the way I always do in the beginning of a vacation. It’s like the system has to turn itself off completely in order to be able to reboot. It will be better in a couple of days I hope. I need the sun to come back. Rainy weather makes me sleepy.


The teenagers at the loft are having a blast. The don’t care about the weather. They’re playing music and stupid video games and are staying up all night watching horror movies. Tonight they’re gonna watch Blair witch project.