August 1, 2020 ☼ torplifeGamla inlägg från

Last week off work starting

It’s been a strange summer. The weather hasn’t been what you wish for, July in Sweden being the coldest for sixty years, and the covid-19 situation has really been holding us back when it comes to hanging out with people. The last couple of days we’ve been seeing my wife’s mother. We rented her a room at nearby so she doesn’t have to sleep in our small house, still we’ve been able to hang out together during the days. Mostly outside. She being at risk with bad lungs and it would be fatal if she caught the virus. It’s been good days though. During spring she’s suffering from being in self chosen lockdown back at her house in another part of Sweden, and it’s been doing both her and us good to see alot of each other for some days.

The afternoon today has been warm and sunny and the family is hanging out at the beach when I am writing this on my iPhone. It’s a good Saturday.