I never deleted Facebook or my Twitter account but I enjoyed reading this

January 10, 2021 ☼ social mediaMicro.blogGamla inlägg från Write.as

First of all, I agree with Noisy Deadlines, ReadWriteAs is awesome. Second, I really liked NDs blog post about social media and the attention economy. I’ve read Lanier’s book with all ten great arguments for deleting your social media accounts (he’s got nothing against personal blogs, quite the opposite) and I found it very interesting. But, there is a but, for me as an employed journalist it’s very hard to get rid of Facebook or Twitter. It’s often a good source for information or ideas because it’s the place online where people talk about subjects as the local politics, the schools, the parks, the elderly care and all that stuff. I have to be there. But I really try not to spend more time on Facebook than necessary. And I’ve almost stopped posting myself. It’s something. The time spent with my phone in my hand is not decreasing though. Instead of Facebook and Twitter, I’m spending more time on W.A and R.W.A and Micro.blog but the good thing about that it’s completely free from ads and the content, blog posts and pictures from complete strangers, are giving me new perspectives, insights and joy. I never wrote in English before but the potential audience here, since not many of my friends are spending time reading old fashioned blogs, has made me do it. It’s good for me, I need to practice my English. And it gives me opportunity to meet new people, even though it just means we’re people reading each other’s blogs.