April 9, 2020 ☼ Gamla inlägg från Write.as

I’ll be your internet comrade

This piece by Olry made me glad. I haven’t been on Write.as forever, in fact i found out about this service one or two years ago, started using it, but then paused my subscription. I don’t really know why, because I really liked w.a. since day one. I guess I’m just having problems stickning to one platform even though you don’t need more than that. I also have a blog on Posthaven (only in Swedish) and used to be on Micro.blog for a while. W.a gives me the best writing experience. (I write nine out of ten of my blog posts on my phone and the autosaving feature of w.a. is one of the steadiest, believe me). And the read.write.as really works. I read stuff there, all the time. That’s how I found Olrys blog for example, and his post about the w.a corner of www where you can find comrades” and be part of an e-family”. I like that thought.