Easter in Julita

April 4, 2021 ☼ torplifelöpningGamla inlägg från Write.as

I’m in Julita, a small place in the countryside. This is where I grew up. But my parent’s house is no more so when me and my wife and the kids go here we stay in the small summerhouse we got here. It’s a beautiful area. Every time I come here I become calm. It doesn’t matter how stressed I’ve been before, as soon as I get out of the car it’s gone. When I’m writing this I’m still in bed. It’s morning and the sun is shining outside. Next to me is my wife, still sleeping. In the room next door our twins are sleeping and in the room in the attic the teenager is hanging out. He’ll be sleeping for many hours still. I am getting out of bed in a couple of minutes to get out for a run. I really have to get my body going. I have been lazy for some weeks now and that’s not good for me. I have to exercise properly. I have no problems with obesity or something like that but my body doesn’t feel good when I’m not exercising regularly. Ok. Enough of this. Sunday is runday.