• I really have to downsize my presence on different platforms.

    Am I going to keep MB? Write.as? Bearblog? Posthaven? The last one I’ll keep forever, don’t really know about the other ones. Mb I like for the community, it actually works. WA has got the far best writing tool. Bearblog is the best looking. Posthaven will last forever and I really like the whole service.

  • Read this really interesting article about Lisboa today in one of Sweden’s biggest daily newspaper. It says the mayor is determined to make the inner city lively again by a new residential deal.

  • The prime minister of Sweden did a speech to the nation

    The prime minister of Sweden spoke to the nation. The message: Cancel. Postpone. Keep social distance. The danger is not over. The virus continues to spread.

  • Just read The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead. What a novel. 📖

  • I just made a group on Facebook to cheer myself up. It’s in Swedish: Fula bilder i köket. It means Ugly pictures from kitchens.

  • Good morning mb. It’s been a while. The dark season is here in Stockholm and the pandemic is far from over. Actually it’s getting worse. I would have gone to a restaurant with my two best friends tonight but we had to cancel. And that’s fine, everybody has to cancel everything except work and school, but it makes life very slow. What if there was no internet? Books are the best but also communication.

  • Anyone read Rethinking Real Eastate by Dror Poleg?

  • You see that dark building? There used to be offices and a parking garage. Now all is empty. The owner, a real estate company connected to a big Swedish pension fund, is waiting for a permission to replace the whole thing with new apartment buildings. It’s been empty for years.

  • Spent this afternoon watching a game of bandy. IRL. It was great. But my team IK Tellus lost, 2-8.

  • Today is football day. My daughter is playing a cup. I’ll work in the clubs café.

  • Det här är skrivet på en app som heter Drafts och som @Maique hyllar på Micro.Blog stup i kvarten. Den påminner om Anteckningar på IPhone men med några fler funktioner. Onödigt många om du frågar mig. Men att kunna skriva med markdown är bra.

  • Stockholm has got the autumn collection colours.

  • I find Casey Newtons way of working as a journalist very inspiring. He’s leaving The Verge (The Interface) for a go at Substack under the name Platformer.

  • This fatigue, I’m starting to think it’s boredom. I have the wife and kids around me and all but I find it hard right now to find those injections of joy you need now and then to stay on top of things.

  • I may destroy you, what a fantastic tv-show. Just watched episode number five and it really gets under your skin.

  • Jag är uppe tidigt

    Jag går en morgonpromenad längs vattnet och gatlyktorna är ännu tända. Det börjar onekligen bli mörkare, vilket känns i kroppen. Den extraenergi som sommarljuset brukar ge tynar bort nu. Jag tycker verkligen inte om det. Lösningen är att rikta uppmärksamheten mot allt som ger glädje.

  • Anyone had the chance to try out Telepath?

  • My day in three pictures. One of the best. #torplife

  • The hops looks fine over at torplife.

  • Good morning from Liljeholmskajen. It is a calm and soothing weather outside over here today. The morning 🏃🏼‍♂️ run made me glad.

  • Just read about Telepath. Anyone tried it yet? I’m very interested.

  • I am alone with the kids this week. My wife are visiting her mother and we are staying in Stockholm for work and school. I like it.

  • I live by the bridges.

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