100 days, day 003 — Why The Nordic Real Estate Market Attracts International Investors

June 26, 2020 ☼ torplifeGamla inlägg från Write.as

This is the third day of my #100DaysToOffload challenge, which you can read more about here.

Work related again. But I guess that’s okay cause I have been working a lot the latest couple of days. I can’t be too explicit about this one but I can say I got the chance to listen to some experts on the real estate market the other day, and they gave me some updates that can be interesting for some of you maybe. Not that property market itself is that exciting but you can actually learn alot about the world covering it. Investors are looking for stable markets. And even though Sweden is highly affected by the pandemic we still have, in comparison, a high grade of political stability. And our country has a wide spread social security net and an ongoing population growth. The latter is important. It demands for more housing, elderly homes, schools, offices and every other facility that is needed for a society to work. This is one of the key factors that makes international investors to turn their eyes on Sweden and the other Nordic countries Norway, Denmark and Finland. Also, Sweden is a small country who is depending on the export industry and in general positively looking on international capital. There is a lot more to this but I am still not skilled enough in the detailed economics to give you a more profound description. On the other hand, the detailed economics is just interesting for the experts themselves. I like to keep things on a level where it’s understandable for the many.

Besides work I can tell you I just arrived to my hometown Katrineholm. This is what I see from where I sit at the bus stop.

I am going to our beloved summer house and meet up with my wife and the twins who’s been there whole week. Tomorrow I’ll work from here.

See you soon.